On the Gay Pride Flag: it’s about tolerance

It is obvious that, when it comes to anything to do with gay rights in this town, there is a deep cultural division.
At issue recently was a divided city council vote on whether to allow a gay pride flag be flown on the city’s flagpole in Zussman Park.
Hamtramck last visited anything to do with gay rights back in 2008, when conservative Catholic and Muslim leaders teamed up to overturn a human rights ordinance that also gave protection to those in the LGBTQ community.
In this latest flap, the city council divided 3-3 on the vote. Mayor Karen Majewski, who has been in the forefront for supporting gay rights, broke the tie vote to allow the flag to be flown during June, which is celebrated as Gay Pride Month nationwide.
There were two arguments presented against the flag issue that we found interesting.
One, which was put forward by a councilmember, is that the city should not be advocating a “lifestyle.”
There is so much ignorance packed into that belief.
One’s sexual orientation is not something that is chosen. It is something people are born with – it’s as simple as that.
A lifestyle, on the other hand, is something one voluntarily chooses. Say, for example, one who is rich enough to spend their life sailing around the world.
That’s a lifestyle.
Another argument put forth was that only the US flag should be flown on government flagpoles – such as the one in Zussman Park.
This is a “false flag” argument.
The US Flag Code allows municipal, county and state governments to decide what other flags can be flown underneath the American flag.
Some state governments even fly the Gay Pride Flag over their capital buildings.
We don’t mean to demonize any of our cultural communities. It’s just that, when it comes to gay rights issues, for many in Hamtramck, they have a long road to travel before an informed understanding can be reached.
We are confident that the forces of reason and acceptance will eventually be commonplace here in Hamtramck.
One thing that will never be acceptable is ignorance.
Posted June 25, 2021

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