One more exits from city


Amanda Jaczkowski


By Charles Sercombe
Another freshman city councilmember has resigned.
This time, it’s Amanda Jaczkowski, the only woman on the city council.
She’s leaving because of health issues.
“As many people know in 2017, I was seriously injured in a bicycle crash. Part of my healing process has been recognizing my new limitations in life,” Jaczkowski said, on a Hamtramck-focused Facebook page.
“It has become apparent over the past year as your councilwoman that I am not able to balance the professional obligations to my standard and maintain my physical health, and therefore I have made the extremely difficult decision to resign as councilwoman.
“I plan to reprioritize my physical and mental health so that I can continue work within the community to help achieve the vision of a stable, diverse, kind, and beautiful Hamtramck. I thank everyone for their support and look forward to continuing to work with everyone in other capacities in the future.”
Jaczkowski follows former Councilmember Adam Albarmaki to the exit door. Albarmaki, who was also in his first term, quit because of his work obligations.
Not everyone was buying Jaczkowski’s explanation.
On social media, a theory was posed that the true reason – or at least a reason — is because she opposed a proclamation opposing military financial aid to “repressive governments around the world.”
But, the proclamation also singles out the treatment of Palestinians.
“The City of Hamtramck believes that the Palestinian People should enjoy the right of self-determination that comes with having a free, peaceful and secure homeland of their own. …”
The proclamation falls short of calling out Israel by name, but certainly does so by implication. It is supported by Mayor Amer Ghalib and Councilmembers Mohammed Hassan, Khalil Refai, Nayeem Choudhury, Mohammed Alsomiri and Muhith Mahmood.
The mayor and the council, including Jaczkowski, are all of the Muslim faith.
It’s possible that the reason Jaczkowski’s name does not appear in support is because she resigned before the proclamation was considered at Tuesday’s council meeting.
A person who identifies themself as Hjmahh Klaham, who also is also listed as an administrator of the Facebook page Hamtramck Square, said:
“Apparently, it was because of this resolution that is Pro Palestinian (doesn’t even mention the Zionist terrorist state by name) that is on the agenda on the request of many residents.
“It appears that she can’t be on a council that sponsors such a resolution as it will jeopardize her career.”
The Review reached out via email, Facebook messaging and a phone call to Jaczkowski for comment but she did not respond.
For the past few council meetings, people from Ann Arbor have been urging the council to specifically pass a resolution demanding that U.S. military aid to Israel to cease.
Next in line to replace Jaczkowski is former Councilmember Abu Musa, who has said he is willing to take the job. He has yet to be appointed to the position by the city council.
Posted March 3, 2023

2 Responses to One more exits from city

  1. Mark M. Koroi

    March 3, 2023 at 7:06 pm

    I am not sure she resigned due to the City Council resolution regarding Palestinian issues. If she wanted to vote against the resolution – or even abstain – she could have distanced herself from that act of City Council.

    She obviously sustained serious auto accident injuries and is recovering – we have no reason to suggest she is being deceitful.

    I met Amanda and her mom the night she was elected and they were fine people. I regret she will not be on City Council any longer.

  2. M Khoni

    March 24, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    This type of discussion/topic has no place in City of Hamtramck Business. Ridiculous. We are Americans.

    For what it is worth Palestinians have been on the wrong side of history forever. Lies and deceptions.

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