Paczki Day is a success but there is room to improve

It’s probably safe to assume that Paczki Day in Hamtramck will continue to attract thousands of visitors each year.
Our local bakeries are the preferred place to get these seasonal pastries, and our local bars and veterans posts have stepped up to provide quality entertainment.
Hamtramck is a fun place to party and hang out with friends.
But once again we wish the city would step up its effort to make the city more welcoming.
On Monday, there were still a number of businesses that failed to shovel snow from their sidewalk. While code officers did go out to force business owners to take action, it was too little, too late.
And city parking lots were not completely plowed clear of snow, mostly because some folks insisted on parking their cars overnight last Friday and Saturday when there was a major snow event.
The city needs a mechanism to enforce a snow emergency and force car owners to move their cars from parking lots. That’s an issue that predates the current city administration, it should be noted.
Fortunately, Acting City Manager Kathy Angerer said there will be a follow through on this issue.
And to add insult to injury, someone sprayed graffiti on several businesses in the central business section of Jos. Campau several days before Paczki Day. The graffiti was a harsh sight for visitors.
Finally, we’ll keep saying this until someone takes action – maybe the Downtown Development Authority? – and installs temporary outdoor heaters at the bakeries so the folks who wait for two-plus hours to place their orders don’t have to freeze.
We need to show more hospitality and take pride in showing off our town.

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