Parking meters and illegal tree trimming on the mind of the DPW

By Charles Sercombe
File this under news of the sort of weird.
A number of communities that have parking meters are reporting a new trend: thieves are stealing the head of the meters to get at the coins inside. Hamtramck is experiencing the same thing, most notably in the city lot on Caniff at McDougall.
It appears to be a sign of these desperate financial times.
Also, you have to wonder what people are thinking. On Monday, a new tax service business on Jos. Campau decided that the city trees in front of the business needed some trimming. So, someone from the company hacked off several limbs on two trees in the city planter in front of the business.
Folks, that’s a definite no-no. The business was ticketed for destroying public property. The city is seeking a fine and restitution to purchase two new trees.
“I hate to say it, it’s not unheard of,” said Marty Ladd, the city’s DPW Superintendent, in regard to people trimming city trees. “They just butcher the trees.”
Also, a contractor for the business was issued a citation for parking his van on the sidewalk. The contractor needed to stand on the van’s roof to install the company’s new sign.

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