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Pension health care cut underscores bigger issue

As the saying goes, elections have consequences.
Case in point: Hamtramck’s ever-fragile financial position.
When former Republican Gov. Rick Snyder was voted into office over eight years ago, one of the first things he did was slash state revenue to cities and schools.
As expected, many of the schools and cities faced immediate financial crises.
Hamtramck’s situation became so dire that the state had to appoint an emergency manager to take over control of the city.
Long story made short: one of the measures taken was to renegotiate the labor contracts, and the city got concessions on health care costs.
Only thing is, for some reason the city did not immediately enact this change. Until now. And, as expected, retirees are crying foul.
No one likes making retirees suffer financially. But let’s circle back to what took place under Gov. Snyder.
Like we said: Elections have consequences.
A related point: the whole issue underscores why this country needs to reform the health care industry, and make it affordable for everyone.
We can no longer count on small communities to continue to provide all of these benefits.
Nov. 22, 2019

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