Police seek information on multiple shooting on southend


By Charles Sercombe
A wild, violent scene erupted last Thursday, late at night, in the city’s southend.
Hamtramck police have footage of a car cruising down Danforth St., and someone inside it shooting up multiple houses and cars.
Amazingly, no one was injured.
The image of the car in question is grainy and in black and white.
In a posting on the City of Hamtramck Facebook page, the department issued this statement:
“At this time, we believe a gray vehicle occupied with multiple unknown suspects was involved. Detectives are canvassing the area for any video or witnesses to the incident.
“Anyone who may have witnessed the incident or anyone that may have video, please contact Hamtramck Police at (313) 800-5281.
“The safety of our community is our highest priority, and we are working to find the persons responsible for this attack on our community.”
The shooting comes just after two people were shot in separate incidents recently. The two who were shot survived, and are being treated.
And with this being Hamtramck, several people griped in response to the city’s Facebook posting. (We’ve taken the liberty to clean up some of the grammar.)
Albarmaki Malik Akeel complained that the city waited so long before publicizing the incident on social media.
“It happened three days ago, and you have no information about it. Too late. You gotta wake up and keep our city safe,” he said.
Brandon Hutchison, agreed, saying: “The delay and quality of your response has the community terrified.”
Michelle Wagenaar also chimed in: “The City of Hamtramck should have come out with some kind of warning or statement before this to show that the city actually cares about their residents.
“How do you think we feel, learning about the incident on Facebook from other residents instead of the city!?
“Why is it that the city of Hamtramck seems to hide all of the criminal activity and negativity until pressured on social media to address the issues!?”
Bu Numan Yafie questioned the priorities of the police department:
“The Hamtramck police need to do a better job on patrolling and securing the residents of Hamtramck instead of their speed traps.”
As of Thursday afternoon, when The Review went to press, no arrests had been made in the incident.

May 31, 2019

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