School Bell … 2/10/23

The Period Project is a project devoted to providing Hamtramck High School bathrooms with eco-friendly, fully-biodegradable pads and tampons for students to take as they need.
In September of 2022, Social Justice Club and LEAP (Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Preservation), two student-run clubs at Hamtramck High School, agreed to collaborate for a project to improve both students’ experiences at school and the health of the earth. Period Project is a project devoted to providing Hamtramck High School bathrooms with eco-friendly, fully-biodegradable pads and tampons for students to take as they need.
The students surveyed 76 people at Hamtramck High School. Thirty-five people did not know there were pads and tampons in the office.
Many of the students who had the experience of receiving a pad or tampon from the office described their experience as awkward, embarrassing, or even scary. When asked if they have/if they known someone who has had to resort to using toilet paper in school because they didn’t have access to a pad or a tampon, 50 out of the 76 students (66%) responded “yes.”
Hamtramck Community Initiative is sponsoring the fundraiser using the organization’s DONORBOX as the point of donation. The goal of $2,000 will provide funds to purchase traceable, ethically made, and 100% organic cotton menstrual products, from the August brand company.
Please donate to the Period Project! LEAP, Social Justice Club, and the rest of the students at Hamtramck High will greatly appreciate every dollar! Help make our school a better and more comforting place.
Donate online at
HPS celebrates Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month. CTE prepares students for careers in fields such as health care, IT, advanced manufacturing and more!
We strive to engage students in related programs in order to help them grow as professionals and contribute to economic development in the future!
Black History Month
At HPS, we consistently recognize and celebrate the achievements of our Black community both inside and out of our classrooms across the year. This month we’ll continue to highlight the history, influence and accomplishments of the Black community.


Ski/Snowboard Club
Jessica Madden, and English teacher at Hamtramck High School, offers this update on the school’s Ski/Snowboard Club:

We are towards the end of our second Ski/Snowboard Club season at HHS. We have an amazing opportunity to bring HHS students to participate in SOS Outreach Learn to Ride Program at Mt. Brighton, where students can choose to learn to ski or snowboard.
For five weeks, students work with Mt. Brighton instructors to learn to ski or snowboard and participate in a character development program focusing on the following: courage, integrity, discipline, wisdom, and compassion.
SOS Outreach is an amazing organization. Aside from providing instruction, gear, and lift tickets, they also ensure each student has a set of warm snow-gear each week to participate (down to pants, coats, gloves, helmets, and goggles).
Mt. Brighton even gives us dinner-to-go at the end of each Ride Night. Teachers Tim Closs, Jessica Madden, Adjoko Wilson, and counselor Kim Harchelroad were able to do training with SOS to become Mentors in the Learn to Ride Program.
This year we have nine students returning as mentors, and we have 26 new participants. Our club is an excellent representation of Hamtramck High School.
We’ve been able to increase female participation significantly from last year but aim to have half of our participants be female students next season. This is a program we hope to continue each year and perhaps develop into a competitive team.
Last year Crystal Mountain Ski Resort hosted us for a weekend end of season ski trip. We’ve made a beautiful relationship with their community and have offered to host our team a second time. This year, the ASEA Central Education Foundation awarded us a $1000 grant to cover the costs of the trip.
They also are covering lodging for two nights in three of their condominiums and giving us an incredible deal at $50 a student for lift ticket, rental, and another morning of either snowshoeing, cross-country skiing (dependent on snow levels), or a tour of their beautiful Art Park.
Thank our partners in this work: especially Garrett Dempsey from Detroit Outdoors for linking us up to SOS Detroit (Djenaba Ali and Foley Decoste), and the Mt. Brighton and Crystal Mountain communities for embracing us and providing us so much opportunity!

Posted Feb. 10, 2023

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