School Bell … 3/10/23

From the Superintendent
Jaleelah Ahmed has returned as Superintendent of the Hamtramck Public School District and via a press release has laid out a plan on what she will be doing for the remainder of the school year:
“As a lifelong educator committed to supporting the growth of our community’s children, I am eager to continue to work in partnership with district families to provide our students with the high-quality education experience they deserve.
“It is my great privilege and honor to serve at Hamtramck Public Schools and I am excited to continue working with families to amplify opportunities available to our students.”
Ahmed also plans to establish a Family and Community Engagement (FACE) committee to help strengthen the district-family partnership and keep student needs top of mind. The goal is to identify areas to provide supplemental support to aid students in their growth and development.
Additionally, Ahmed will also reconvene the Special Education Parent Committee to work together to further strengthen district programs.
“In the remaining months of the school year, the incredible team of educators and support staff across Hamtramck Public Schools will be focused on ensuring our students have the necessary resources to thrive on their educational journey,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed also plans to examine the allocation of COVID-relief funds (ESSER) across the district.
To date, Hamtramck Public Schools has introduced summer programming for K-8 students and after-school tutoring utilizing ESSER funds.
She will look for ways to use ESSER funds to further expand intervention programming and make improvements to technology and renovate the district’s aging buildings.
“Providing a safe, warm and engaging environment suitable for next-generation learning is top of mind in every decision we make,” Ahmed said.
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Tau Beta happenings
Tau Beta Staff recently engaged in an afternoon of professional development that encompassed Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) initiatives. Staff collaboratively reviewed building practices and initiatives and discussed areas which provided opportunities for future implementations.
We hope to continue engaging our talented staff in professional development activities to strengthen our collective skill set and ensure the success of our students.
Also, as we continue to celebrate Reading Month, we recognize Tau Beta’s Reading Buddies! This program increases student reading achievement and provides an opportunity to expand relationships with peers throughout the building and across grade levels.
Upper grades are partnered with lower grades, and our teachers create activities for students to learn together. Activities are age-appropriate and reiterate reading skills and strategies for students to practice!
Published March 10, 2023

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