School Bell … 9/23/22

Teacher of the year
Teachers have difficult jobs nowadays, perhaps more than at any other time outside of wartime.
So it’s always nice to see a teacher honored for their service.
The Hamtramck Public School District chose Rahiel Housey-Johnson as their Teacher of the Year, and she was honored by the Hamtramck Community Initiative (HCI) for earning the award.

The Rev. Sharon Buttry (left) of the Hamtramck Community Initiative presents Rahiel Housey-Johnson a citation for being named HPS Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Housey-Johnson is a teacher of both science and digital literacy at Kosciuszko Middle School.
Unfortunately, Ms. Housey-Johnson was unable to be at the HCI Awards Banquet. The Rev. Sharon Buttry met with her at the Hamtramck Public Library on Sept. 12 to give her the award.
Also being bestowed upon Ms. Housey-Johnson were congratulatory citations from U. S. Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, State Rep. Abraham Aiyash, and Wayne County Commissioner Martha G. Scott.

HPS student spotlight
This month, we’d like to shout out to one of our Hamtramck High School seniors, Naser Karim!
Naser has been designing logos, server icons and profile pictures since he was 12 years old. He’s such an accomplished graphic artist that we asked him to design the school’s Esports Club logo and look what he came up with!
Way to go, Naser!
In addition to his eye for design, Naser is active in the Esports Club, where he shines on his Rocket League team.
We’re proud of our students for all of the hard work and talent they bring the HPS community. Go Cosmos!

HPS student Naser Karim designed the logo for the high school’s Esports Club.


HPS Diversity
We are proud to celebrate the wonderful diversity found in the Hamtramck community by celebrating holidays and observances together.
Hispanic Heritage Month started Sept. 15 and runs through Oct. 15. This is a time to observe and learn about Hispanic heritage.
Ways that you and your family can participate include trying Hispanic meals at home, frequenting Hispanic-owned businesses and reading books by Hispanic authors.

HPS Recreation
The Hamtramck Recreation Department is sponsoring what they’re calling a Fall Harvest.
It’ll happen on Friday, Sept. 30, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Pulaski Park, 9625 Lumpkin (between Edwin and Norwalk).
What’s there?
Let’s start with pumpkins: You can pick one up, priced from $2 up to $7, first come, first served. Get yourself your gonna-be Jack O’Lantern, while they last.
Also on the docket? That dynamic duo of cider and donuts, is what!
Want more? How about some inflatables for the kids to jump around on?
Best of all? It’s free! A perfect price for these inflated times.
Posted September 23, 2022

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