School board makes some changes for the new year

By Charles Sercombe
The Hamtramck Public School Board has once again shuffled some of their duties among its members.
At this month’s board meeting, Jihan Aiyash was voted to become president of the board, a position that she held a couple of years ago. She replaces Sal Hadwan, who had sought to remain in that position.
The vote on Aiyash came up first, and she was able to garner a majority of support from the board, thus canceling a vote on Hadwan.
Aiyash has been absent from the majority of regular board meetings for the past year, for reasons never stated. The Review reached out for comment by Aiyash about her absences, but she did not respond to an email.
Also elected to various board positions were: Salah Hadwan, vice-president; Regan Watson, treasurer; and Daz’Shavon Hall, secretary.
The board also welcomed two new members: Victor Farris and Abdulmalik Algahaim. They, along with Moortadha Obaid, are trustees.
After a lengthy discussion, the board also changed up its meeting dates. The regular monthly meetings will now be held on the second Monday of each month, instead of on Wednesdays.
Those meetings will also start at 6 p.m., instead of 6:30 p.m.
The board’s committee of the whole meetings also have been changed to the fourth Monday of each month, and those meetings also start at 6 p.m.
In an unexpected move, and one not on the board’s meeting agenda, motions were heard to hire one of two candidates, listed only by #1 and #2, to take over duties of superintendent.
Both motions failed to gain enough support by the board.
According to sources, one of the candidates was HPS Superintendent Jaleelah Ahmed, who is currently under suspension, and has been for the past year.
No reason has been given for the suspension, other than there is an investigation.
In the meantime, Ahmed has sued the district and board (except for Boardmembers Aiyash and Hall) over the suspension. She has been receiving her salary during this suspension period.
The interim superintendent continues to be Nabil Nagi.
Posted Jan. 20, 2023

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