Searching for ideal city manager candidates has its limitations

One of the things we heard more than once in the two public forums held regarding the search for a new city manager was: It is preferred the next city manager be a person of color or someone reflecting one of the ethnic communities here.
While we also encourage that sentiment, the problem is: The pool of city managers doesn’t have a whole lot of diversity. Most city managers tend to be white.
We also occasionally hear from folks that they would like a more ethnically diverse police department. Again, the problem is, the pool of candidates tends to be limited.
What we ideally settle for is who will make the best fit in our community. And one who is also the best and brightest.
Hamtramck has a bad reputation of being a politically contentious community and financially challenged.
It’s a tough sell for many people considering one is never sure whether they will have a job from year-to-year if elected officials decide to go another direction.
What most potential candidates want in a job is a sense of security. Hamtramck does not have that track record.
That’s a shame because we firmly believe that if you can rise to the many challenges this city presents, you can name your ticket to a better job.
We encourage those searching for city manager candidates to cast their net wide and far. It would be terrific to see a diverse pool of candidates.

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