Sometimes, credit is due to public officials who get it right

Sometimes it appears that improvements to the city come awfully slow.
Residents are always quick to point out the faults of our city, but rarely does anyone offer praise when it’s due.
Maybe it’s just human nature.
From time-to-time we like to spend a few minutes acknowledging the good work performed by city officials. The road reconstruction of Hamtramck Dr. is one of those moments.
Thanks to the work of local, county, state and federal officials, the federal government is funding the majority of the cost to repave this crumbling road.
As many motorists know, the street was a hazard to travel on because of the many potholes – some of which were massive.
The road got beat up pretty fast after first being paved a number of years ago from the constant flow of heavy truck traffic servicing the GM plant and other industries along the route.
The need for repair was known for many years, but funding was nowhere in sight.
The city couldn’t afford the millions it took to make the repair and, in fact, could barely live within its yearly budget.
That’s another issue for another time, but suffice it to say, here’s thanks for a job well done in finally finding the money to make the repairs happen.
Posted May 13, 2022

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