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Sometimes moving forward requires tuning out naysayers

Are 3-D illustrations at crosswalks a good idea?
Recently, our City Life columnist, Walter Wasacz, wrote about a joint city and school pilot project to have these innovative designs installed at key crosswalks – especially those near schools.
Other cities in the U.S. and Europe have reported positive experiences with them as a way to slow down speeding drivers.
Everyone here agrees Hamtramck has a problem with speeding and reckless drivers.
But some readers say the concept doesn’t work and, in fact, will only lead to accidents by drivers who are freaked out that the illusion is a real obstacle.
Also, it is argued that once drivers get used to the deception, they’ll go back to their old bad habits.
Others say we need more enforcement, more cops on the roads. Well, guess what? Hiring more cops requires a massive amount of money – money the city does not have.
That’s why we have to make do with less expensive ways to combat speeders.
At the very least, the 3-D crosswalks are worth a shot. That’s why it’s just a pilot program at this point.
In the meantime, the city administration is installing more stop signs at critical intersections – something that should have been done a long time ago.
Of course, there are critics of that, as well. Some argue that drivers will just ignore the stop signs and run them.
People do run stop signs, but in doing so they risk a hefty traffic fine and points on their driving record, which will then lead to higher insurance costs for them.
There will always be naysayers critical of any attempt to make improvements. To those folks, we say, get back to us when you have something practical to offer.
In the meantime, Hamtramck will keep moving forward.
July 5, 2019

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