Spread the word, a lot is at stake in this election

We can’t emphasize how important it is to vote Nov. 8.
The upcoming election is known as the “midterm,” which is when voters decide, after the first two years of a new presidency being elected, who controls Congress.
If you have strong beliefs one way or another, this is an election you can’t afford to sit out.
There are also three serious state ballot proposals that will affect the future of elections, campaign finance and whether women have a right to abortion.
Locally, there are three Hamtramck Board of Education seats to be filled.
Besides all that, there are number of state elections, such as for governor, secretary of state and attorney general, that are to be decided.
No matter how you slice it, Nov. 8 will shape the future direction the state will be heading as well as nationally.
Unfortunately, the midterm election is one that many voters sit out. It’s important that we get a fair representation of where people think this country should be heading, and that requires voter participation.
Don’t let a less-than-majority of registered voters make this decision for you.
Get out and vote, folks.
Published Oct. 28, 2022

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