Stop in the name of safety: City cracking down on speeders

Cracking down on speeding and reckless drivers is long overdue in Hamtramck.
One huge hurdle to doing this has been the city having too few police officers to perform consistent traffic duty.
The city simply can’t afford to hire more officers.
But having a cop on every corner, so to speak, is not really a solution.
It begins with educating our young drivers on the dangers of reckless driving, and parents at home reinforcing that message.
It also takes less expensive forms of traffic control: erecting more stop signs.
The city is finally taking this step, after conducting its own traffic safety study.
City Manager Kathy Angerer and the city council recently OK’d the installation of three stop signs – two of them near Pulaski Park, where there has been an ongoing problem with young males speeding around the park.
Coupled with a traffic patrol officer on watch, drivers will soon get the message to stop speeding, or risk getting a ticket for running a stop sign and paying a hefty fine, along with points on their driving record.
Yes, it means we all have to make more stops along the way, but that inconvenience is a price worth paying.
July 12, 2019

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