Summer crime watch: trash cans and carjackings

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By Charles Sercombe
What in the heck is it with people stealing city-issued trash cans?
Once again there has been a rash – three so far – of residents reporting that their city trash cans were stolen. This crime trend has reared up before, but police have no explanation on what motivates the thefts.
And it also begs the question of whether anyone sees someone strolling down an alley pushing a can. The city will replace your stolen trash can for free as long as you have a police report about the incident.
On a more serious note, there were two carjackings last week, both involving two suspects who were armed.
One incident happened while a resident was unloading groceries at their home, while another involved a Danforth resident being held up while he was in his car.
With warm weather here, there are obviously more people out on the streets. Some of those folks are looking for an opportunity – and not a good one. There has been an uptick of car break-ins in recent weeks.
In some incidents thieves have stolen guns that were left in plain sight. And that’s the point, police say: Don’t leave valuables – especially guns – out in the open in your car.
Even for just a few moments.
It’s amazing how the bad guys and gals can come out of nowhere, and boom, there go your possessions.

June 29. 2018

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