Time to step up and fill out your census form

Hamtramck, you can do better.
Several weeks ago, all Hamtramck households received a U.S. Census form.
The census happens once every 10 years. It does so not only to find out how many people are living in this country, but also to draw up congressional districts and divide up federal and state funding to communities.
The more people who fill out the census form and return it, the more Hamtramck will get in funding. It’s a simple as that.
But while more and more residents are filling out the form each month, we are still below 60 percent when it comes to folks participating in the head count.
There are only nine questions on the form. None of them ask invasive personal questions. Nor will any of this information be shared with other government agencies.
If you lost your paper form, you can easily fill out one online. Have no access to the internet? No problem, just go to city hall and you will be assisted.
(Yes, city hall is now open to the public.)
Census workers will soon be going to households that have not filled out their form. They will only be there to remind you to participate.
They have no legal power to force anyone to fill out the form.
Considering that there is still a growing coronavirus pandemic in this country, it’s grossly unfair for these folks to have to expose themselves to such dangers just so residents do their patriotic duty.
So, come on Hamtramck. Get those census forms filled out, and keep census workers from having to come knocking on your door. In these trying times, the city needs all the political clout — and federal funding — it deserves.
Posted July 3, 2020

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