‘Tis the season for the Goodfellows holiday food drive

The annual Hamtramck Goodfellows food drive is once again up and running. The Goodfellows are seeking donations to distribute food vouchers to needy families and individuals so they can have a Christmas meal.


By Charles Sercombe
The Hamtramck Goodfellows are back in action this year.
Last year, the Covid pandemic threw a wrench in the annual donation drive, but with more people moving about freely, the Goodfellows are once again active.
Their goal each year is raise money so they can distribute food vouchers to needy residents and families. The vouchers are handed out near Christmas so folks can have a home-cooked meal for the holiday.
Once again, the Goodfellows are depending on your generosity. They know times are still financially tight for many, but say that, if you can spare even a few bucks, it goes a long way.
This issue of the Hamtramck Review will be dedicated, in part, to the work of the Goodfellows. Unlike in years past, however, they will not be out selling this issue on the streets of the city to help raise money for their cause.
You can drop off, or mail, a check, made out to the Hamtramck Goodfellows, to c/o Hamtramck City Hall, 3401 Evaline St., Hamtramck MI 48212.
Those who would like a voucher can get an application in city hall or at the fire station. Be sure to turn it in as soon as possible.
Posted Nov. 26, 2021

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