What is the hidden agenda of school books?

There has been a lot of attention lately about reading materials in our public schools.
Quite frankly, it’s been a lot of loud ignorant talk and threatening language, used against school folks.
This issue is largely being ginned up by certain political forces whose hidden agenda is getting rid of public education.
In Hamtramck, there appear to be two books in question — that were never required reading and, in fact, had not been picked up by any student.
Let’s take a step back on this issue, and take a few deep breaths.
Of course, parents’ input on our education system is always welcome. But, we all need to come at the subject of education from an informed point of view – not some knee-jerk reactions to what has become hysteria over sex-oriented subjects.
No one in our schools is trying to sexualize, or groom, or whatever buzz word you want to use, our kids.
Out of this heated debate, we heard one voice worth repeating. And that person suggested that parents turn their attention to what their kids are looking at in their cell phones.
In other words, a lot of students are getting their sex education from the internet. Obviously, that’s not the most trusted or healthy source to learn about such a thing, or frankly much of anything else.
What our kids are seeing on their phones is way more important than a few controversial books.
Parental control starts at home.
Posted Nov. 18, 2022

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