When it comes to hosting a party, Hamtramck wins

Hamtramck has proved once again that we know how to throw a party.
And as of today, Friday, Feb. 28, the party is still going.
On Tuesday, the city hosted the annual Paczki Day celebration, which started last Saturday with a 5K run and free paczki sampling at the Hamtramck Town Center.
Thousands of visitors came to town, and as is also usual, there were few to zero problems.
This weekend, we start round two of what has become Paczki Week. Instead of pastry fans coming to celebrate, we will have thousands of music lovers here in town.
Many of our bars and halls and coffeeshops will play host to bands and performers.
It’s called the Hamtramck Music Fest, and it’s organized all by unpaid volunteers.
To say it’s a moderate success is an understatement – it is one of the nation’s largest music festivals.
And each year, the festival donates $10,000 in art supplies and music equipment to our public schools district.
For folks living here, there is an added plus: You can easily walk around town and enjoy all of this without having to worry about parking.
Hamtramck is one lucky town.
Feb. 28, 2020

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