With fingers crossed, good things are happening at the old ball park

A huge thanks is due to the good folks at The Friends of Historic Hamtramck Stadium and the Piast Institute.
They recently sponsored an ambitious online fundraising campaign to replace the turf at Hamtramck’s historic baseball stadium.
The two non-profit groups raised $50,000, and that amount will be doubled when the Michigan Economic Development Corporation matches it.
The online campaign beat its deadline to raise that amount with a week to spare.
Another big thanks goes out to Detroit rocker Jack White, who kicked the campaign off with a whopping $10,000 pledge.
If things continue to go in the right direction, the city’s and the school district’s joint grant application with the Ralph C. Wilson. Jr. Foundation will result in a multi-million donation to restore the stadium, as well as build an expansion to make it an entertainment and sporting facility.
Wouldn’t it be a special treat if Jack White opened the stadium with a concert?
OK, we’re jumping way ahead here, but the point is, Hamtramck has a lot of friends. And when we organize, good things happen.

April 5, 2019

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