Yemeni mural compromise exemplifies holiday spirit

It now looks like Hamtramck’s famed Yemeni mural on Jos. Campau and Goodson will be saved.
Saved, in the sense that a proposed development project will not end up blocking it from public view.
Thanks to a coordinated effort by the city manager’s office, the developer and OneHamtramck, the developer has agreed to a land swap.
The deal will require the city to sell a city-owned lot on Goodson St. It appears the city council will be on board with this proposal.
This is a prime example of Hamtramck taking on a challenge and working out a compromise.
Unfortunately, Hamtramck is known for its divisive politics. When cooler heads prevail, however, the city has shown it can rise above the political fray and get things done.
For this holiday season, it would be nice to see the community celebrate what unites us, rather than delving into petty squabbles.
The Yemeni mural is certainly a treasure for the community, and it has now taken on the new role of being a prime example of Hamtramck at its best.
Enjoy the holiday season folks, and remember that we all have much in common, and plenty of reasons to celebrate our community.
Dec. 6, 2019

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