Some random thoughts on making the ‘Blowout’ better

Once again, the Hamtramck Blowout was a smashing success.
Although the event is privately run by the Metro Times and they do a bang up job, we have a few ideas to make this music festival even more successful in the coming years.
We understand that the date of the Blowout, the first weekend of March, was set years ago to coincide with the Detroit Music awards and the upcoming South by Southwest music festival held in Austin, Texas. We’ve heard from several venue owners over the years that it would be better to hold off until April when the weather is nicer and more predictable. We can appreciate having something to do in March after a weary winter, but the April suggestion makes sense.
Coming into Hamtramck on Caniff from the freeway, it struck us that it’s odd that Planet Ant Theater is not involved. A coordinator of the Blowout, Eve Doster Knepp, who is also Hamtramck’s Special Events Director, said she has tried to get Planet Ant on board but the theater never returns her emails!
Good grief, Planet Ant, answer your emails. Your theater would be a wonderful addition to the Blowout and would also add a certain “wow” factor to those driving into town.
Now, let’s talk about eating. It’s weird to us that Hamtramck Coney Island does not stay open for those needing a quick bite after the bars close, or for that matter throughout the night.
And Polonia Restaurant, what’s with keeping your regular hours and closing up at 9 p.m.? And why don’t you use your second story hall for the overflow or even be another band venue?
We don’t mean to pick on these two restaurants but, golly, don’t you guys want to make money?
In our mind, Both Polonia and the Polish Village Café should erect a heated tent in the city parking lot they share and offer a buffet along with beer and bands. If they don’t want to do that, someone should run with the idea because we saw plenty of people waiting to eat a good Polish meal.
And while we’re nitpicking, it makes little sense for the Metro Times to hold its pre-Blowout party in a venue in midtown Detroit. Why hold the party in Detroit when the Blowout is all about Hamtramck?
We’d also like to see the city administration play a bigger role. Is there any reason why the city can’t at the very least erect a banner over Jos. Campau welcoming visitors to the Blowout?

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    1. Roger

      March 31, 2010 at 2:03 pm

      nice list! I would add that perhaps a uniformed officer or security guard outside each establishment would help people feel more comfortable although it may cost a bit, also one has to wonder how next year will fare with the non-smoking law in effect, i wonder if we will get more nonsmokers like me to show up or will they lose smokers who will have to run a circuit outside between shows for a puff?

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