1. Terry Miller

    August 11, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    My name Terry, I currently live in Hamtramck, have since 2005. I love it here. My children grew up here.
    My comment is about a school paper my daughter wrote about Disneyland/Hamtramck. She’s a sophomore at Adrian College. I just wanted to share her paper with you:

    One of my favorite places is an art piece called Disney World back home. It is trapped into one yard; the creator of this amazing piece still owns the backyard he created it in. Disney World is a collection of older pictures whose painted frames have begun to wither and split; they hang from stilts and poles and trees that inhibit the yard. Carnival memorabilia such as: ferris wheel pieces, roller coaster tracks and bumper car parts litter themselves amongst the pictures.It is also comprised of streamed lights that weave themselves into the larger attractions of the piece; giving the entire creation a sense of wonder. It is guarded by a picket fence whose blue fading paint show evidence of its aging condition.Finally, at the forefront of the artwork, there hangs a sign that reads “Disney World:1975”, the day it was created.

    It is more often than not looked over by the locals who live here. It’s sense of wonder has been lost to those who’ve seen it countless times. People have lost appreciation for such unique piece.It’s aging photos and retired carnival pieces are now looked upon as old eyesores and not antiques.

    Unlike some people in my town though, I see its BEAUTY. I see the aching hands of the man that worked tirelessly to make this masterpiece. I see the countless days spent hanging and rehanging photos and knickknacks that just wouldn’t stay in place; and I also see the smiling faces and twinkling eyes of the children who stood in awe at the unveiling of this amazing work of art; Reminding me of the way I look whenever I see “Disney World: 1975”.

    Written by: Shelby Miller
    September 4,2013

  2. Lula Niforos

    August 15, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Is Hamtramck Disney Land still there?

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