After years of delay, city is moving forward on medical pot

City officials are now finally taking steps toward allowing medical marijuana dispensaries operate in town.
It’s been an issue on hold for a few years, and it’s one that is long overdue in addressing.
The city has several options in adopting an ordinance regulating this activity. The first is to simply do nothing and not allow this business to be here. It’s pretty clear, though, that a majority of the city council is in agreement to welcome this business.
It’s a matter of how many dispensaries to operate and where this can happen.
The decision is not really that complicated. It’s a legal business, and the only holdback is from the state in dragging its feet on issuing licenses.
In the meantime, the city can move forward and set up its own regulations. Let those who wish to get into this business deal with state officials.
There has been a lot of interest from folks looking to locate in Hamtramck, and the city has been missing out on collecting taxes.
We also know there are a number of medical marijuana card holders here who would prefer to shop locally.
Coming up with regulations and zoning requirements are not complicated decisions. City officials just have to buckle down and do their job.

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