Crime Log… 4/25/14

By Charles Sercombe

          This week’s Crime Log covers April 15-21.

Tuesday, April 15

          A resident reported someone used their identification information to transfer money to Pakistan.

A Lehman resident reported his catalytic converter was stolen from his vehicle.

A Hamtramck man reported his rental house was broken into in the 12000 block of Moran.

A Detroit man was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend in the area of Caniff.

Wednesday, April 16

          A Detroit resident was arrested for driving without a license and providing false information to an officer.

          Two Detroit residents were arrested following a traffic stop. No other information was provided.

A Roosevelt man reported the theft of a catalytic converter from his vehicle.

A Highland Park woman was robbed at the bus stop at Caniff and Jos. Campau by two males wearing dark-hooded sweat shirts. The suspects fled on foot.    

Thursday, April 17

          No report was available for this date.

Friday, April 18

          At about 10:30 p.m. a person was arrested for carjacking following an incident at Gallagher and Holbrook.

          A Botsford woman said the father of her child assaulted her and then fled.

          At 12:05 p.m. a Commerce Twp. resident reported being assaulted while at Pulaski Park.

          A Hamtramck woman was arrested following a dispute with the father of her child. The woman damaged the man’s car.

          A Hamtramck man was arrested for a number of misdemeanor charges following a traffic stop.

Saturday, April 19

          Two crashes occurred, one at Charest and Holbrook and another at Pulaski and Mackay.

Sunday, April 20

          At 12:30 a.m. a person was arrested for domestic violence.

          A Commor resident said he was forced to shoot at a neighbor’s dog when the dog charged at him. The dog was uninjured.     

          A resident on Oklahoma reported her son assaulted her and then fled.

Monday, April 21

          A resident living in the 12000 block of Charest said someone kicked the backyard gate down, broke into a shed and stole several items.

          Officers responded to a robbery at Conant and Prescott and stopped four suspects. However, the victim by that time had left the scene.

          At a little after midnight, a resident living in the 11700 block of Sobieski saw several young males throw a rock at his living room window and then run away.

          At almost 4 a.m. a resident living in the 12000 block of Oklahoma reported that someone she knew broke out her kitchen window.

          Officers recovered a car stolen from Columbus, Ohio at Conant and Hanley.

          A Belmont resident reported someone threw a rock at her front door window.

          A Commor resident was arrested for assaulting his mother and sister.

          Officers responded to a fight in the 2300 block of Casmere involving 30-40 people. A Casmere resident requested medical treatment for an asthma attack that was caused by someone in the fight using pepper spray. Another Casmere resident reported someone involved in the fight damaged his car.

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