Dudek Foods finds a new owner

By Charles Sercombe

One of Hamtramck’s iconic businesses has shut down.

But its products live on.

Dudek Foods has been swallowed up by Hamtramck’s other iconic business, Kowalski Sausage Co., says Jason Friedmann, the Director of Community & Economic Development.

We placed a call to Kowalski for comment but no one called back. Dudek’s phone number has been canceled, and there is no one at the site.

Friedmann said that to his knowledge, Kowalski will continue the Dudek line of frozen foods and continue to sell the products with the Dudek logo.

Production of the Dudek line has been incorporated into Kowalski’s facilities, Friedmann said. The Dudek building is for sale.

Friedmann said plans are going forward to work out an expansion for Kowalski at its current plant on Holbrook. The company, he said, has abandoned plans to move the plant to another community.

Kowalski is Hamtramck’s oldest private employer.

2 Responses to Dudek Foods finds a new owner

  1. Ron Ferris

    June 7, 2016 at 8:24 am

    Would like to know if they still make Dudeks mustard, and if they do how can I purchase a case of it?

  2. kim grucz

    October 13, 2016 at 4:37 am

    how can i pick up dudek or kowalsky foods. can you tell me when and how and how i can get a menu to see what is available

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