Haven’t filled out a Census form? Do it right now and be counted

The Census count effort is rounding the corner and is about to close down by the end of the month.
We can’t say this enough: It is imperative for Hamtramck households to participate in filling out the form.
If you haven’t filled out your Census form, drop everything you are doing and go fill it out.
There are a whole bunch of reasons why you should, but we will boil it down to this: The more people who are counted in Hamtramck, the more federal funding gets funneled this way.
How’s that?
The population size of Hamtramck affects how much we get in various federal grants that cover such things as street repairs, infrastructure repairs (like sewers) and school aid.
We’ll just keep it that simple.
As of this week, only 58 percent of our households have participated in the Census. We have to do much better than that before the federal government shuts down the counting period next week.
We know there are a number of residents who feel uncertain about participating. Maybe they don’t have legal status, or maybe they are even wanted by the law.
Doesn’t matter.
This Census information is not shared with any other government agency.
OK, we know a number of folks are not going to believe that. Go ahead and be skeptical.
But know this: You are needlessly harming the city’s ability to provide services, so you lose the right to complain. It’s a two-way street here.
The Census happens only once every 10 years for an official nationwide count. The United States has been taking censuses for a couple of hundred years.
This information has created a fascinating insight into our lives over those many years.
Even if you are not a citizen, or whether you are here legally or not, you deserve to be counted.
Everyone, do your civic duty.
Be counted!
Sept. 25, 2020

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