Last chance to save the city’s recycling drop-off center

How important is recycling to you?
If it’s something of value, the city needs your help.
We have been reporting that the Hamtramck Recycling Commission will be forced to end its monthly drop-off center at the city parking lot on Caniff because there aren’t enough volunteers to staff it the second Saturday of every month.
Yes, you read that right: The drop-off center operates only once a month, but even with that sparse offering the commission can’t attract anyone to help take over running it.
There is no other way to recycle in Hamtramck since the city does not offer curbside collection. That’s no fault of the city. Sanitation companies say there is no longer a way to make recycling items profitable, meaning offering the service would require the city to increase the service fee to home-owners.
We’re pretty sure most homeowners don’t want to pay anything extra.
The alternative to a local drop-off site is for residents to find another drop-off center in the metro area. We doubt many folks are willing to drive a few miles to make the effort.
There is a hidden value in having a drop-off center in town. It shows we are a progressive community when it comes to the environment, which is something that adds to our property values.
If it does come to pass that the drop-off center will close after the last one on Aug. 11, there are several things you can do to cut down on the waste stream.
The important one is bring your own bags when shopping to reduce the amount of those annoying plastic bags you see flying all around town and getting hung on tree branches.
If you can buy food by bulk, that too helps cut waste.
We should all be taking those steps anyway.
In the meantime, come on folks, do your civic duty and help a good cause. If you can lend a helping hand, contact the Recycling Commission at:

July 13, 2018

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