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Looking for a real estate bargain? It’s county tax sale time

This lot on Goodson St. is one of seven properties that are up for auction in the upcoming Wayne County tax sale.


By Charles Sercombe
Here is your chance to get in on the Hamtramck real estate rush on the cheap.
There are seven local properties listed in the annual Wayne County property tax forfeiture sale this year. All but one of the properties are lots.
The property on Council St. is actually an active business, Fred’s Bump Shop.
Online bidding starts on Sept. 4 and runs through Sept. 18.

The properties include:

2390 Goodson St. – This is a single lot between two, two-family houses, both of which are a bit rundown looking.
11775 Dequindre St. – This is one lot that is connected with several others. The street is also informally known as the I-75 service drive. If you want to build here, you will have to keep in mind the noise from the freeway. Also, the neighborhood has no market or any type of business.
11470 Dyar St. – A single lot that is located across from newly constructed homes. But again, it’s in that area west of I-75 that is cut off from the rest of the city.
3010 Goodson St. – This lot is east of Jos. Campau and is between two houses. The downside is that both adjoining property owners appear to have incorporated the lot into their property. Good luck trying to untangle that mess.
2951 Council St. – That’s the bump shop.
3204 Carpenter St. – This lot is connected to other empty lots.
5184 Yemans St. – This lot also appears to have been incorporated into the neighbor’s yard. This area of Hamtramck is also known as “Ducktown.” Why? Because it used to be a marshy area, good for only ducks and mosquitoes.
To bid on one single property requires a $35 registration fee and a $2,500 deposit.
To bid on more than one property, a $10,000 deposit is required, and some properties listed as “premium properties” require a $25,000 deposit.
You must register by Sept. 6.
For more information, go to the Wayne County Treasurer’s website.
Aug. 30, 2019

One Response to Looking for a real estate bargain? It’s county tax sale time

  1. Jolanta

    September 8, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    Please let us know of the status of the tax auctions on these properties.

    It would be interesting to know what the purchase prices are and who bought them and what plans, if any, do the buyers have for the properties they now own.

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