Once again, the city has to face financial issues

Recently, the city council and mayor heard some alarming news about the city’s immediate future financial picture.
The city is spending more money than it takes in, and the only two ways suggested to correct this deficit were to win more grants and/or to raise taxes.
To those who have lived here for some time, this sounds very familiar. We’ve lost count of how many times a warning has been given about dire financial news for the city.
It may be an overplayed tune, but Hamtramck does have a history of coming under state control because of its runaway finances.
Unfortunately, neither of the two state-appointed emergency managers could solve the city’s long-standing financial problems: funding the city’s hefty pension system and affording health care insurance for existing employees.
In fact, few older cities like Hamtramck have been able to solve this financial puzzle.
Asking the city council and the mayor, who are not experts by any means, to help fix this problem is ridiculous. They are part-time elected officials with largely ceremonial roles.
The financial situation will have to be confronted by the city administration. We pay them to do this job.
Now, let’s get to it.
Posted March 3, 2023

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