Public School District overcame challenges in past

The news lately coming out of the public school district has not been good.
Over 30 teachers have resigned in recent months, and now, with a national teacher shortage, the district is scrambling to fill many key positions.
And then the superintendent took a surprise leave of absence, along with the director of the Human Resources Department.
Before that, a newly-elected school board member abruptly resigned.
The district is now in the hands of an interim superintendent.
There is some doubt that the superintendent on leave will be coming back. But then again, who knows?
Add that all up, and we have problems.
But the district has bounced back in the past.
There is, however, much-needed work to be done to repair the damages and reverse the losses.
We have faith that the current board of education can help steer the district back.
Posted Nov. 5m 2021

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