School Bell … 9/30/22

Spotlight on HPS staff
Did you know that over 19 languages are spoken within the Hamtramck Public Schools district?
Mirjana Maros, English Language Development District Facilitator for HPS, helps students and families acquire the resources to have successful educational experiences. She’s been with HPS for five years, and in addition to English, Mirjana also speaks Serbo-Croatian and Bosnian!
One of Ms. Maros’ favorite aspects of HPS is the atmosphere that is created by the students and staff. She appreciates that the school can respect cultures while also embracing new environments. Acceptance is taught at HPS, and Ms. Maros is one reason behind it!

Mirjana Maros

Attendance matters
Attendance every day of the school year is important for our students to learn and grow academically and socially. We encourage our students to be present and participate in their classes all day, every day.

Free Chromebooks
Attention families: Chromebooks are available for new Hamtramck Public Schools students, as well as Chromebook support and repairs for re-enrolled students.
Please reach out to the HPS Technology Department at 313-591-7450 to schedule an appointment for your child.

HPS Recreation
The Hamtramck Recreation Department is sponsoring what they’re calling a Fall Harvest.
It’ll happen on Friday, Sept. 30, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Pulaski Park, 9625 Lumpkin (between Edwin and Norwalk).
What’s there?
Let’s start with pumpkins: You can pick one up, priced from $2 up to $7, first come, first served. Get yourself your gonna-be Jack O’Lantern, while they last.
Also on the docket? That dynamic duo of cider and donuts, is what!
Want more? How about some inflatables for the kids to jump around on?
Best of all? It’s free! A perfect price for these inflated times.

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