School officials made the right decision for fall

Last week, it was announced that students in the Hamtramck Public School District – which does not include charter schools — will continue to learn from home this fall.
That decision was made by the school board and Superintendent Jaleelah Ahmed, after careful consideration and recommendations made by health officials.
It was the right decision.
There have been schools here and there across the country that have already opened their doors to students, and the results were predictable: students came down with the coronavirus that is still surging throughout the country.
Recently, there have been studies that show that children are super-carriers of the virus.
The potential for this virus to spread like a wildfire should be a warning to any district or charter school considering a return to in-person classroom learning.
This virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease that has killed over 150,000 Americans and counting, is far from being extinguished. In fact, health officials say it has been mutating and growing.
This thing is a monster.
We know having students at home presents a huge burden for parents, who will have to juggle home schooling and work. In fact, it is nearly impossible for them to do both.
This is where a coordinated national plan would be beneficial, but alas, it isn’t so.
The good news is that school buildings in Hamtramck will be open for those students needing extra help or having special needs.
While the decision to continue stay-at-home learning is not welcome news to some households, in the end it was the right decision to make.
Posted Aug. 7, 2020

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