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An auto dealership is once again located on Jos. Campau where in years past there were several dealerships. Gias Talukder is the owner of Bengal Auto Sales, located at Jos. Campau and Casmere.


TCB (Taking Care of Business) explores Hamtramck’s business community. This week we talked to Gias Talukder, owner of Bengal Auto Sales.

By Charles Sercombe
It’s been several years since the last of the Jos. Campau auto dealers, Al Deeby Dodge, closed up.
For Hamtramck old-timers, that dealership was once known as Garrity Dodge.
Jos. Campau was once known as “Automobile Row” for the several dealerships that lined the street.
Well, there’s now a new auto dealer on Jos. Campau, located at the corner of Casmere – just across the street from the former Al Deeby Dodge dealership. It’s called Bengal Auto Sales, and it specializes in used autos.
There was a grand opening for the dealership last week. He is no stranger to Hamtramck. His auto dealership was formerly located on Conant.
We asked owner Gias Talukder to talk a bit about himself and his business.
Here’s what he had to say.

Talukder: I am Gias Talukder, and I’m married to my beautiful wife, Romana Chowdhury, and have two children, Junayed and Zubair.
I’m a Bangladeshi descendant, and migrated to the USA in 1998, to New York.
I went to school in New Jersey at the National Health Carrier Association, and then worked for Omnicare pharmaceuticals for 12 years.
I later moved to Florida, in 2009, and started a car business, besides having a job. I gradually had my own dealership. I finally moved to Hamtramck in 2013.

The Review: What attracted you to this location?

Talukder: Jos. Campau is the heart and downtown of Hamtramck. Hamtramck has a wide range of races here, and every year the Labor Day Festival is a great attraction and advertisement for us.

The Review: Do you do anything special that other auto dealers don’t do?

Talukder: Yes, my dealership gives away free cars every year for different events and causes. We believe in giving back to community.

The Review: Do you specialize in any kind of car?

Talukder: Yes, from time to time, we offer some antiques with fair prices for our antique lovers.

The Review: What kind of vehicle do most Hamtramck residents want (SUV, family van, etc.)?

Talukder: People of Hamtramck love Honda and Toyota minivans and SUVS a lot. Younger buyers prefer sport vehicles.

The Review: What’s the average price of a vehicle from your lot?

Talukder: We offer cars all the way ranging from $1,500 to $20,000.

The Review: What kind of vehicle do you prefer to drive?

Talukder: I love to drive antiques, even though they are not everyday cars.

The Review: Any other comment?

Talukder: Besides being a business, I want my dealership to be a hub for the community, where offering helping hands will be our priority.
I also run a Foundation called Talukder Gias Foundation, and a project to help feed the hungry.

Published Nov. 4, 2022

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