Tree planting should be high on the list of priorities

Hamtramck has done much to revitalize its appearance, ever since a tornado blew through town in 1997 and knocked down about 500 huge trees.
Over the years, the city, along with various volunteers, tried to replaced that loss, but we still have a long way to go.
Too many of our streets are barren, and offer no shade or relief from summer’s sun and brutal heat.
For the past few years, the city has received grants through the state to replant trees, but those grants didn’t really amount to much.
Although the city is currently in deficit spending, and will eat through a $5 million budget surplus within three years at the current rate of spending, there are plans being formulated to correct that.
When the city gets back on track – and we are confident that it will – it would be wise to begin budgeting for more tree planting.
Trees not only add comfort, they also increase home values – something all Hamtramck homeowners welcome.
Tree planting is just as important as alley repairs – a program that was wisely begun a few years ago, after decades of neglect.
Slowly, but surely, Hamtramck will continue to rebound.
Aug. 16, 2019

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