Winter whining …

It didn’t take long after our first winter snowstorm to settle a few days ago for some residents to start complaining on social media.
Complaining that the city does not plow all the side streets like some other communities do.
Plowing, here, is reserved for main streets and emergency routes.
Why not all streets?
For one thing, it would cost an immense amount of money, and also it would take away from the street and alley repaving project that the city has undertaken for the past few years.
But the main problem with plowing our narrow streets is this: where do you think that snow goes?
Give up?
Here’s where it goes: piled up on the sides of parked cars, which then forces people to dig their cars out – and then guess where that snow goes?
Yes: right back into the streets.
And, not only that, when the city did plow on side streets, you should have heard the curse words coming from residents who were ticked that they had to shovel out their cars.
As for the icy and snowy roads being the cause of car accidents, follow this one simple rule, drivers: SLOW DOWN.
If you find yourself slip-sliding through intersections, you’ll know that you are driving too fast.
Approach intersections at a crawl, folks, during icy conditions. That’s Driving 101.
And remember: it’s winter, and it’s going to be inconvenient. While we know complaining is a Hamtramckan’s God-given right, just make peace with winter, and try to have some fun.

Posted Jan. 14, 2022

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