‘Lake Caniff’ looks like it’s dried up

If you ask us here at The Review, it was $26,000 well spent indeed.

That’s how much it cost the city to put an end to what we called Lake Caniff. Outside our office at 3020 Caniff, a sewer line had become so decayed, it prevented rain water from draining properly. The result was that even the slightest amount of rain was a great swelling of water that forced pedestrians to run for cover or face being splashed on by passing cars.

Over the past couple of years the city attempted to clean out the line but it had collapsed in spots, which resulted in, well, money down the drain.

So, a couple of weeks ago the City Council approved for a new plan: dig up the line and divert it to another line.

The work was completed on Monday and Tuesday. With this spring being so wet, we didn’t have to wait long to test out the job.

On Wednesday, the rains came and … no lake effect.

One down and dozens more to go, we guess.

By Charles Sercombe

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