City council acts in mysterious ways

A couple of items caught our attention at the last city council meeting.
For one thing, we’re baffled over why the council feels it’s important to eliminate a special charge for those who own a vacant lot and then allow it to remain vacant year after year.
This has always confused us: Why do people do nothing with their empty lot year after year after year?
What are they waiting for?
If you don’t have the money to build something on it – like, preferably, a housing unit – then sell it to someone who has the means.
The city recently adopted a fee schedule for those who sit on empty properties, as a way to motivate people to develop them. These fees were not huge money-makers for the city, but they did act as a reminder for those who do nothing with their empty lots.
There is a shortage of housing in Hamtramck, as well as in the greater metro area. People are looking for houses to purchase or rent.
So, why did the council take away this fee? Does someone on council own empty lots? Or, maybe, their friends are complaining?
We’re left to speculate, because we haven’t been told the reasoning — no one has yet explained the need to undo these fees.
In another mysterious matter, one councilmember insists that the city should not issue code violations at night. If it were up to this member, code violations would only be issued during the day.
Again, why?
What’s the taboo here? The city has staggered its code enforcers to work all through the day and evening. That way they can catch people doing home improvements without first getting needed permits.
Is it because a friend of this councilmember got caught?
Here’s a word of advice to the council: Let the administration operate the way it wants to, and get out of the way. Stop micro-managing – for the good of the city you were elected to serve.
Posted May 3, 2024

2 Responses to City council acts in mysterious ways

  1. warren names it too

    May 4, 2024 at 4:22 pm

    the city council is merely giving small town hamtramck a more small town feel. why do you got to complain. stop complaining. this is the way we do things. in dearborn, the city gave up on checking home improvement permits except for new cement projects, because something about the depth of the ground is important for safety. money will return to the city in other ways. stop being a hold out for the old ways and embrace the ways of the global south as it comes like a tsunami to change everything about this country.

  2. Derick

    May 4, 2024 at 6:37 pm

    How much money does the city lose when people bypass getting a permit to remodel a home?

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