City Hall Insider … 6/16/23

What is our City Council up to these days? We have the highlights of the latest council meeting.

By Charles Sercombe
The city council met on May 9, and all councilmembers, except for Khalil Refai, were in attendance.
During public announcements, Lynn Blasey said that the Hamtramck Area Disaster Recovery Group has opened its office in town, located at 3048 Caniff (office hours are Tuesday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.).
The group helps renters, homeowners and businesses recover financial losses from the June 25-26, 2021 citywide flooding.
In other developments, City Manager Max Garbarino said that the city’s summer youth internship program is starting.
According to the city, this is an overview of the program:
“The City of Hamtramck is seeking students and young adults ages 14-24 to be a Hamtramck Summer Intern. Interns will gain experience in park, street and building maintenance, and light clerical duties, as well as get a chance to learn about various city departments and roles in city government.
“This position is part of the Community Involvement Department in City Hall. Normal workdays will be Tuesday – Friday, 9am-2pm, and one Saturday morning per month (maximum of 20 hours per week).
“Expected start date is June 27, 2023. Program will run for seven to eight weeks.”
The job pays $15 an hour, and to apply send an application and resume to:, or to
Three proclamations were read.
The first was for May being Asian Pacific Heritage Month, and it read, in part:
“Asian Pacific American Heritage Month provides an opportunity for Americans to learn more about the diverse histories, cultures, and traditions of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities; and Asian and Pacific Islander Americans have played a significant role in shaping the history and identity of the United States, including their contributions to the arts, sciences, business, government, and military. …”
The next was for May also being Mental Health Awareness Month, and it read, in part:
“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental health and well being, as individuals and communities have experienced heightened levels of stress, anxiety, and depression; and the stigma surrounding mental health issues often prevents individuals from seeking help, which can lead to negative consequences for both the individual and their loved ones; and mental health awareness and education can help break down barriers and increase access to resources and support for those in need. …”
The third proclamation was for National Police Week (May 14-20), and it read, in part:
“National Police Week provides an opportunity to honor the service and sacrifice of these dedicated public servants; and we recognize the ultimate sacrifice made by those officers who have given their lives in the line of duty, and offer our condolences to their families and loved ones; andwe acknowledge the bravery, dedication, and professionalism of all law enforcement officers who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe. …”
During public comment, Justin Jessop said that there are “precious few” bikes lanes in the city. He said it is often “unpleasant” to ride a bike or walk in the city.
“It’s extremely dangerous,” he said.
Jessop said he is in favor of more bikes lanes.
During the business portion of the meeting, the council OK’d the purchase of four utility trucks for the Public Works Department and the installation of snow plows on the trucks.
The purchase price for the trucks was $213,695, and the trucks were purchased from Gorno Ford in Woodhaven.
Funding for the purchase came from the city’s Road Fund.
City Manager Garbarino said the purchase of the trucks is part of a program to expand the department and its services.
He said these trucks will make the city “squared away for next winter.”
The city has previously contracted out snow plowing services.
During council comment, Nayeem Choudhury said that the city should put parking meter numbers on the curbs so drivers will know which meter to pay.
He also said that potholes in the alleys along Jos. Campau are bad, and affecting the ability of trucks to make deliveries.
City Manager Garbarino said there is consideration to create angled parking in front of Veterans Park, which would create seven more parking spaces.
He added that it would require cutting into a small portion of the front of the park.
As for the bike lane north of Caniff on Jos. Campau, he said the exact route is still under consideration.
Posted June 16, 2023

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