Crime Log …11/15/13


By Charles Sercombe

          This week’s Crime Log covers Nov. 5-11.

Tuesday, Nov. 5

          A woman reported her 2004 Pontiac Grand Am was stolen in the area of Sobieski and Casmere. Upon further investigation, it was found out that the car was recovered by Detroit police but it had been stripped.

          A Danforth St. woman reported her daughter had run away.

          At about 4 p.m. a Detroit resident was arrested in the 2300 block of Caniff for being disorderly

          A Holbrook St. resident was arrested after stealing several items from Rite Aid.

Wednesday, Nov. 6

          A woman reported that someone broke into her house in the 3400 block of Carpenter sometime in the previous four days.

          A woman reported that someone opened several accounts in her name without her permission.

          A landlord on McDougall St. reported his former tenant removed a gas line cap. The possible leak was discovered and corrected before any damage occurred.                   A Lumpkin St. woman reported that her husband assaulted their dog and he threw a TV at her. The husband fled before officers arrived.

A woman on St. Aubin St. reported that her house was broken into and items, including electronics, were taken.                                                                      

Thursday, Nov. 7

          Detroit police said they recovered a 2002 Dodge Stratus that had been reported stolen from Hamtramck.

          Officers recovered a Chevrolet Impala that had bullet holes in the passenger door in the 3000 block of Trowbridge St.

          A student from Hamtramck Academy was turned over to the police for possessing narcotics.

Friday, Nov. 8

A woman reported someone stole prescription drugs from her medicine cabinet. The woman added that she had just hosted a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

          A Norwalk St. woman reported she got into a fight with a neighbor over $5.

Saturday, Nov. 9

A driver was ticketed for trying to pass fraudulent insurance following a traffic stop at Commor and Jos. Campau.

          An agent from a bail bond service brought in a person who was wanted on a felony arrest warrant.

          A woman was robbed of her purse on Jos. Campau near Norwalk by three men. Officers were able to arrest one of the suspects.

Sunday, Nov. 10

          At about 2 a.m. a person was arrested for disorderly conduct while at Casmere and Jos. Campau.

          At 3 a.m. a woman reported being assaulted by her boyfriend. The suspect fled before officers arrived on the scene.

          Officers responded to a call about a suicide at a Holbrook residence. A man was taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

          A man living in the 2600 block of Belmont St. reported someone stole his electric wheelchair from his backyard.

          A Grayling St. woman reported her boyfriend stole her ID and Social Security card from her residence.

Monday, Nov. 11

An Edwin St. resident reported that between 12:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. someone broke into his car and stole his phone and credit cards.

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