Crime Log… 7/18/14

By Charles Sercombe
This week’s Crime Log covers July 8-14.
Tuesday, July 8
At almost 1 a.m. a Caniff resident confronted a man believed to be in his 20s who was trying to break into his garage. The suspect fired a shot at the homeowner, and the homeowner returned fire. There were no further details.
At almost 4 a.m. a St. Aubin resident reported someone had broken into her house. At about an hour later another person on the block reported a break-in.
At almost 6 a.m. a resident was arrested for obstructing officers during an investigation of a break-in. No further details were provided.
A resident in the 11300 block of Moran said someone stole a ladder from his backyard.
A resident reported the theft of his bike from the 3300 block of Yemans.
A Detroit man was arrested for driving without a license and possessing a stole license plate.
A man found a multi-colored purse at a gas station on Caniff and I-75.

Wednesday, July 9
A resident accused a co-worker of assaulting him with a vehicle after they had an argument at their work place on St. Aubin and Danforth.
A resident reported someone used his identity to open a DTE account.
Three women reported someone stole money from them while they were in St. Florian Church.
A woman on Commor reported her bike stolen from her yard, a green Schwinn.
A woman was arrested for attempting to steal a purse in the area of Glory Supermarket.
Officers arrested a Detroit man for having 40 suspensions to his driver’s license.
A Detroit resident arrested for having open bottle of liquor in his car became combative while being booked. At one point he assaulted an officer by spitting in her face.
Thursday, July 10
A Jacob man reported that his license tab on his license plate had been cut off.

Friday, July 11
A man was arrested for destruction of property at a business in the 2100 block of Caniff.
A Detroit woman reported being assaulted by her child’s father in the area of Jos. Campau and Roosevelt.
Officers arrested a Hamtramck man for possession of marijuana while investigating a large fight.
A resident of the 2400 block of Hanley reported his Honda Odyssey stolen.
Saturday, July 12
Three people were arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in a car
At a little after 8:30 a.m. an Andrus resident reported being assaulted.
A Whalen man reported someone broke into his car.
A man in the 12000 block of McDougall reported a break-in at his residence. He said electronics and other items were missing.

Sunday, July 13
A woman living in the 3900 block of Belmont reported someone broke into her garage and stole a lawn mower, kitchen cabinets and an electric stove.
A Detroit resident reported someone had been withdrawing money from their Bridge Card at a Hamtramck business.
A 12-year-old boy was struck by a 1998 black Jeep in the Hamtramck Town Center in front of Detroit Donuts. The suspect drove away.
Two teens grabbed a cab driver while on Botsford near Jos. Campau and demanded the driver hand over his money. The suspects then fled.

Monday, July 14
At 11:30 p.m. a Miller resident reported that her cousin broke into her residence and assaulted her.
At 12:22 a.m. a parent was issued a citation after her 15-year-old child was caught fighting in the area of Selfridge and Circle Dr.
At 12:45 a.m. a Detroit resident was arrested after a traffic stop for possessing narcotics, having an open bottle of liquor and being wanted on a Hamtramck warrant. The suspect fled on foot before being captured and arrested.
A man reported that someone put nails in front of his car tires, causing the tires to go flat.
A Warren woman was arrested for being wanted by the FBI for narcotics.

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