Election winners should take office right after election


          Is there any reason why we should have to wait until Jan. 1 before newly elected city officials take office?

          It seems out of date and against the voters’ wishes for Hamtramck to wait for two months before candidates who win the November General Election are allowed to take office.

          A number of other communities allow election winners to get to work within a couple of weeks after the election. Hamtramck should do the same.


          Because bringing in the new officeholders means we are not subject to last-minute shenanigans by perhaps bitter election losers still in office who might pass punitive and ridiculous ordinances.

          It also prevents sore losers from skipping the remaining meetings, possibly causing a delay in getting business done. And better yet, they won’t get paid for not showing up.

          When voters vote for change, they ought to get it right away.

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