Get ready for ‘candid’ camera on Jos. Campau

By Charles Sercombe
Chicago appears to be one of the most watched cities in the country.
According to recent media reports, Chicago has thousands of surveillance cameras on public and private property, which Chicago police say has led to 4,000 arrests – since 2006 — of criminals caught in the act.
In Hamtramck, the Downtown Development Authority is installing four cameras along Jos. Campau from Holbrook to Caniff. DDA Director Darrin Grow says the cameras will be installed beginning next week.
Once the cameras go up, the Police Station will be able to monitor the cameras and review what’s been recorded in the event of a crime or accident. The cameras are costing the DDA $46,000.
To some folks, including the ACLU, placing cameras to perform surveillance is an invasion of privacy. The courts, however, have held up the right for cities to install cameras.
Others say the cameras will not prevent crimes from happening. Grow said that at the very least cameras might help police identify criminals and help in prosecutions. He also added that the cameras add a sense of security for business owners.

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