Hamtramck commemorates ‘Automobile Row’

Jos. Campau north of Caniff once was known as “Automobile Row” for the numerous auto dealership and auto related businesses that thrived there.

From Woody Pontiac to Mostek Paint & Glass, Automobile Row vividly reflected Hamtramck’s connection with automobiles, and was a hallmark of the city for decades.

That prominent history has not been forgotten, but it hasn’t been commemorated – until now. On Friday, Sept. 17, a “Wayside” marker will be installed on Jos. Campau, just north of Caniff.

The marker was acquired by the Hamtramck Historical Commission. It is being provided through the MotorCities National Heritage Area program, which is affiliated with the National Park Service. The Wayside marker “commemorates areas that best represent a specific theme and story in American history.”

The marker will bring further national recognition to Hamtramck as it will become part of a system of “Wayside” markers.

The formal dedication of the marker will be held at 6:30 p.m., (Sept. 17), at the installation site. The public is invited and light refreshments will be served.

For information, call Greg Kowalski at (313) 893-5027, or e-mail gkowalski@ameritech.net.

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