In County Executive race, it’s best to stick with experience

This may not be the most popular political endorsement in the metro area, but when it comes to the race for Wayne County Executive, we’re not inclined for a change.
Yes, the last term of Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano has been one misstep after another.
But looking at his challengers, we don’t see a better alternative.
Ficano has taken a huge hit on the construction of a new county jail downtown, which has now come to a halt. Ficano defends his decision to shut down the construction while court action against a contractor plays out and a decision is made whether to resume construction or sell the site.
He says it took courage to stop the project, and, yes, it certainly did.
Ficano has served as County Executive for 12 years and 20 years as county sheriff. That’s a lot of experience to consider.
Over the past year Ficano has downsized his administration and he has made it leaner. In talking with him, Ficano appears focused now on righting the wrongs and getting the county back on track.
We know there has been corruption in his administration, but there has been nothing to directly implicate Ficano. That’s important to remember.
While Ficano may not be the perfect candidate, we can’t see anyone else being able to step in at this point. We urge voters to support ROBERT FICANO for Wayne County Executive.
In other ballot issues, we remind voters to support a 2-mill request by the Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency. The tax will allow all Wayne County public school districts to make needed upgrades and extend class offerings.
If approved by voters, the millage will last for six years. Hamtramck Public Schools will receive a little over $1 million a year. While that may seem like a lot of money, remember that under Gov. Snyder and his Republican colleagues, Hamtramck lost millions in revenues.
It is up to Wayne County residents to make sure our public schools are fully funded in order to make sure our kids are getting the best possible education.
While public education is free, it still costs money to do well. If we want our kids to succeed in a global market, we have to spend a little to make sure they make it.
For a typical homeowner, 2 mills amounts to about $20 extra a year.
Vote YES on the county enhancement millage proposal. It will be money well spent.


3 Responses to In County Executive race, it’s best to stick with experience

  1. Ferris

    August 3, 2014 at 11:16 pm

    Sir: Your recommendation of Ficano is ill advised. His record on the jail fiasco should be proof enough. He has lowered the level of County Executive through negligence and disregard for sound business practices. I’m shocked that you feel he has any credibility; that’s a reflection on your paper.

  2. Ken Hissong

    August 6, 2014 at 10:31 am

    Re: Ficano endorsement…..
    John, remind me not to ask you for advice on which horse to bet on at Hazel Park. 6%????

  3. csercombe

    August 6, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    I know you’re kidding, Ken, but this comes up often. Just for the record, in case anyone is wondering, endorsements are not predictions. It was pretty clear weeks ago that Evans was going to win by a wide margin. Oddly enough, a horse named “Ficano” is running in the first race at Hazel Park this Friday (Aug. 8). How can we resist?

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