It’s high time to address our pot laws

Now that Hamtramck has a zoning law regulating where and how medical marijuana can be grown, it’s almost anti-climatic.


Because there are some county prosecutors, the state Attorney General and the Justice Department determined to sabotage what Michigan voters have overwhelmingly approved over a year ago in a state referendum.

Technically, yes, medical marijuana, or any other type of marijuana, is illegal under federal law. But voters have spoken loud and clear: It’s time to stop treating marijuana users as criminals.

Marijuana has legitimate medicinal qualities. Just ask a cancer patient who uses it to keep their appetite up and to feel a little more comfortable. There is even a credible argument that recreational use among adults is far less damaging than alcohol.

Basically, it’s time to stop the war on marijuana. It’s time for the government to get off our backs and let adults decide what they want to ingest. It’s time for the government to legalize marijuana and reap the billions of dollars it could collect by regulating and taxing it just like tobacco.

We understand that some of our readers are going to be aghast at this suggestion. But truth be told, there are millions and millions of Americans who consume marijuana.

And no, not by any means should children or teens be allowed to use it, just like they are prohibited from consuming alcohol.

America spends gazillions of dollars trying to stop the use of marijuana. What an incredible waste of tax dollars. We could probably put a decent dent in our national deficit by taxing this product.

Stop the insane war on marijuana. It’s time to move on.

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