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typewriterBy John Ulaj

A special thank you

I am pleased to announce the imminent publication of the Review’s special 2010 Hamtramck Residential and Business Phone Directory, which will be hand-delivered to every resident household and business alike by the end of next month.
The last time a project like this was attempted was in 2006, under the banner of the old Hamtramck Citizen, and to this day residents still request copies of that now-four-year-old book. Thus, it was due to what I and my staff perceived as an on-going demand that made us decide the time was right to publish this new and completely revised directory.
Numerous local businesses have expressed their belief in this project over the last several months, and then demonstrated this support tangibly by advertising in it. It was most important, however, that the cover of the book feature an icon of the city.
And what better icon than the City Hall building itself?
Thankfully, the City Council agreed with me, and I am grateful especially to Councilmembers Catrina Stackpoole, Mohammed Hassan and Shahab Ahmed for their support. I would also particularly like to thank Mayor Karen Majewski for recognizing the important role local businesses play in promoting our great city.
It is our hope that our Phone Directory will make it easy for everyone, resident and out-of-towner alike, to find these businesses. The book has taken countless hours from the staff to put together. The bold move by the City to throw their support behind this project sends a clear message: that the city is not afraid to promote itself and its local businesses, in the process giving the entire city a further boost in image.
I believe that this Phone Directory will again prove to be one of the very best marketing tools the city could have. Every resident and business alike should find benefit in it.
It is my hope that the city will continue to be able to explore and recognize any and all opportunities to market itself.
The growth of such events as the Blowout, Paczki Day and the Labor Day Festival show that the city offers a lot to people that they can’t get anywhere else. I believe in the city, and I want to see the city succeed. Recognizing the role of marketing, such as the council has done here, is a big step toward realizing a better future for all of Hamtramck.

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