Not Signed, Sealed Or Delivered Yet

By Charles Sercombe

The future of Hamtramck’s Post Office is heating up.

The Postal Service will soon decide whether to close over 700 local post offices nationwide, including the Hamtramck branch and 10 other Detroit-Ann Arbor locations.

Postal authorities say they will first seek community input before a decision is made. The Post Office is bleeding billions of dollars, and officials say they must make drastic cuts.

Hamtramck officials vow they will fight to prevent the closing of the Caniff branch, which opened in 1936 amid much celebration. It is perhaps an irony the Post Office was opened during the height of the Great Depression and now faces closure in what many say is the Second Great Depression.

Postal workers at the branch say their office indeed will be closed and merged with the Hamtramck branch on Dequindre St., which is actually outside the city. However, the workers also added that no official announcement of the closing has been made yet.

On Tuesday, a local Fox television news reporter interviewed customers about the possible pending closing.

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