Our endorsements for State Rep. and Congress

Last week we offered our endorsement for Wayne County Commissioner, and suggested voters stick with the tried and true: Martha Scott.

This week we’ll take on the state Rep. race and the Congressional race.

Both races involve newly drawn districts. In the state Rep. race, there is no incumbent, leaving this election wide open. And it’s a given that whoever wins the Aug. 7 primary election will likely win in November since this is a heavily Democratic district.

There are two Hamtramck City Councilmembers vying against nine others (including Hamtramckan Beverly Tran).

Councilmembers Mohammed Hassan and Robert Zwolak would like to leave Hamtramck elected office and go on to Lansing. We have traditionally endorsed locals over other candidates, but that tradition is not written in stone.

In this case, however, we do recommend either councilmember. For sure, Zwolak offers years of experience in public office. He has a deep understanding of Hamtramck and its needs.
Hassan, a newcomer to politics who is in his first term, represents a burgeoning voting bloc: The Bangladeshi community.

Yes, we have not seen eye-to-eye with Hassan on a number of issues, and yes, he was grossly insensitive in remarking to police officers that they should let certain bar patrons they were assisting “die” and instead heed his call for help.

But the Bangladeshi community deserves representation in Lansing. So far, Hassan is the only Bangladeshi-American seeking this seat in the state legislature.

He may not be the perfect candidate, but he does represent a community that needs its voice heard.

For that reason, we are recommending MOHAMMED HASSAN for State Rep.

As much as we prefer local candidates, voters should also consider attorney Rose Mary C. Robinson for consideration in the state Rep. race.

Robinson has Hamtramck connections, having been mentored by longtime Hamtramck Mayor Albert Zak. She was also the first woman voted in as a county commissioner.

In the newly created 14th Congressional District, it’s unfortunate that two incumbents have been pitted against each other.

Congressmen Gary Peters and Hansen Clarke are, according to polls, neck and neck in this race.

Clarke is in his first term.

Peters has the edge in experience and in actually getting things done in Congress. Clarke’s heart is with “the people” – so to speak. He speaks emotionally about the downtrodden and disposed.

You have to ask, though: What exactly has he brought home?

In practical terms, Peters approaches his job in a business-like manner, and manages to work the system for our benefit.

Vote smart in the race. Vote for GARY PETERS.

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